Special Tip: Burri, Primetto and the ‘Madonna del Parto’

My father, Alberto Zanmatti, designed the renovation of Palazzo Abizzini- Fondazione Burri, Città di Castello, and curated –up to the finest details, including seating and lighting, – the installation for the works of Alberto Burri, whom we shall always remember as a dear friend. I remember countless pleasant convivial gatherings around Primetto’s kitchen table at the Locanda de Castello di Sorci in Anghiari, as well as on the way back home, after paying due tribute to Piero della Francesca’s ‘Madonna del Parto’. In addition to filling my childhood memories, renewed by the trips I took with my children and their grandfather, these are some of the wonderful places where I could take you- within an hour and half of Spoleto.



Palazzo Albizziniand Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco Fondazione Burri
Lets eat! Castello di Sorci, Madonna del Parto

The kitchen at Locanda al Castello can only be compared to those of historical manor houses, which did not have freezers- just pantries, filled with fresh ingredients on a daily basis.


  • Tuscan hors d’oeuvres
    • Chicken liver Crostini
    • Tomato Bruschetta
    • Cold Cuts
  • Daily Special
    • Tuesday: Tagliolini with beans
    • Wednesday: Quadrucci with chickpeas
    • Thursday: Gnocchi
    • Friday: Ribollita Soup
    • Saturday and Sunday (in Winter): Champignon Mushroom Polenta
    • Saturday and Sunday (in Summer): Champignon Mushroom Risotto or Gnocchi and Carrettiera
    • Everyday: Tagliatelle with tomato sauce
  • Second Course
    • Grilled meats, baked potatoes and salad
  • Dessert
    • Sweets with Vinsanto, water, wine, coffee

La Cucina della Locanda de Castello di Sorci – Closed on Mondays.