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Gisella Contattaci

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website gisellazanmatti.com
+39 347 12 655 17
Spoleto (PG) Umbria, Italia

Our main asset is simple: we listen.

We pay attention to all your requests, and deal personally with legal and official matters. If necessary we coordinate the work with professionals in all fields on your behalf.

Small adjustments for maximum comfort and well- being

We are particularly attentive to the elderly and to those with physical disabilities, allergies or special dietary requests.

No “package” proposals

All clients receive an estimate of costs based on only the elements that they need or want to be part of their special project, event or vacation.

No false promises

If you are coming from abroad you need above all the certainty that what has been planned will be executed exactly as agreed.

The Best

The most important aspect of any undertaking is ‘People’. We pride ourselves in our local knowledge and contacts acquired through years of work and experience.


We are based in Spoleto, Umbria, in the heart of Italia, one hour and half from Rome, two hours and half from Florence. We are fluent in Italian, English and French and we are able to deal directly with all your interpretation and translation needs.